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If You are Retired or Plan to Retire in the Next 10 years, I’m Talking to You….
You should Read the Following……
and remember….

The overriding theme is to “Never Outlive Your Money”.

Be aware, no matter how well you’ve planned for retirement, everything has changed.

Just as the greatest number of people in history reach retirement, trillions of dollars in investors’ wealth has been wiped from the books. And even if you think you’re still safe, the twin threats of inflation and low interest rates are combining like a toxic bomb to blow your savings to smithereens.

The Fed knows that if you knew the real rate of inflation there would be rioting in the streets. They’ve been fiddling with the way inflation is calculated since the 1980s, taking out anything that actually inflates.

In fact, calculated by the pre-1983 method, today’s inflation rate hovers around 11% !

For example, an ultra safe (?) 10-year Treasury bond, even at the officially sanctioned 3% rate, will be worth only half its face value at term end.

The point of the preceeding is to emphasize the urgency of becoming an active participant in assuring that “YOU” NEVER OUTLIVE YOUR MONEY. And I do not mean pulling the plug ourselves if we do.

This Blog’s purpose is to clearly identify and describe what works and what to avoid like the plague in our quest to add multiple streams of additional income safely and with as little investment as possible.

Remember, as Boomers we have already been around the block a couple of times and have skill sets we can now use to benefit only ourselves and our families. Figuring out how to most effectively use our personal skill sets without being taken to the cleaners is the challenge. The “How To…” will be shared and analyzed every way to Sunday so no one is left alone wondering “What should I Do?”

The Boomers who share their successes will bring clarity to another’s muddy thinking and yes, possibly learn from another’s experience with something they have been considering. Both will create a core of knowledge that will grow to be a valuable resource for all Boomers to use.

We are creating a living community where we all have access to what can be called a “Mastermind”. No matter what the issue, business or project, there will be someone who has either mastered the required techniques and succeeded or has discovered serious limiting factors and should be avoided.

Existing resources already available on the worldwide internet will be linked to as we become aware so all of each Boomer’s shared knowledge base can be accessed easily through our community’s “Mastermind”.

Would like to hear your opinion and comments at the outset so… What do you think?

All the best,
Ken McCauley

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